WPF---Windshield Protection Film

Specification :
∙ Item No: WPF
∙ Size: 1m x 30m/ 1.22m x 30m 
∙ Structure: Hard coat+100µm PET+PSA glue + PET liner
∙ Haze: 0.60%
∙ VLT: 88+/- 2%
∙ Contact angle of water: 107°
∙ Scratch resistance: 1kg/ cm², 3,000 times
∙ Steel wool test: no remarkable scratches
∙ Weathering test (adhesiveness after SWOM)
  100 hr, No peeling
  300 hr, No peeling
  600 hr, No peeling
∙ Heat and humidity resistance test (85°C 85% 500hr): 100/100
∙ Chemical resistance (window detergent,40°C 120hr): No change


Features :
∙ Used outside windshield.
∙ Better hard coat than existed brands.
∙ Hydrophobic, optically clear, superior visual clarity with comfort.
∙ Surface hard-coat which resists daily abrasions like windshield wipers.
∙ 100µm thick, also works as safety film, reduces windshield damages from accidents, or smash-and-grab.
∙ Keep the windshield glass of your loving car intact and maintain its value.


How it works:

The abrasion test:

The center punch test:

Windshield Protection film
Size: 1m / 1.22m X 30m