Windshield Protection Film (WPF)

Item No : WPF
Size : 1m x 30m/ 1.22m x 30m 
Structure : Hard coat+100µm PET+PSA glue + PET liner
Haze : 0.85%
VLT : 88+/- 2%
Contact angle of water : 107°
Scratch resistance : 1kg/ cm², 3,000 times
Steel wool test : no remarkable scratches
Weathering test (adhesiveness after SWOM)
  100 hr, No peeling
  300 hr, No peeling
  600 hr, No peeling
Heat and humidity resistance test (85°C 85% 500hr) : 100/100
Chemical resistance (window detergent,40°C 120hr) : No change



∙ Better hard coat than existed brands.
∙ Up to 100µm thick, it can work as safety film.
∙ Imported raw materials from Japan, made in Taiwan.
∙ No Residue after replacement of windshield protection film.
∙ Hydrophobic, optically clear, superior visual clarity with comfort.
∙ Surface hard-coat which resists daily abrasions like windshield wipers.


Reason to Install Windshield Protection Film

∙ ABSORB THE IMPACT especially reducing the occurrence of rock chips.
KEEPS WINDSHIELD CLEAR during raining day to increase protection.
GLARE REDUCTION while driving.
REDUCE THE COST of replacement of damage windshield.





How it works

The abrasion test:

The center punch test: