About us

Poya-Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing and exporting company specializing in solar window film founded in 2004 by a team of professionals and expert engineers in the chemical field.
Our company is comprised of highly skilled personnel from diverse backgrounds, languages, and capabilities. Due to our outstanding dedication and enthusiasm for solar window film, we have grown steadily over the years by meeting consumers’ needs.


We stay up to date with the current trends and the latest news in the market. In order to achieve our best performance, we look for continuous improvement and we provide our staff with the proper training to lead this industry. As a result, we produce the finest solar window film while utilizing the most sophisticated technology and design.


Customer satisfaction has always been our main priority; not only are we dedicated to delivering the highest quality product, but also the highest-rated customer service. We pay close attention to every stage of the process with cost-effective management. Therefore, with strict quality control, our products are delivered as requested.


As a customer-oriented company, we remain side by side with our clients in order to understand their needs. Our before and after-sales team is devoted to our clients and listening to them is a vital ingredient for our success. We appreciate the client’s feedbacks because this is how we achieve effectiveness and efficiency. Our sales team is highly focused and self-motivated in each step of the process from the first contact to the final stage when the clients receive the goods.


Nowadays we are considered as a professional manufacturer leader in the field dedicated to providing solar window films.


It will be our pleasure to receive your inquiry and our privilege to become your partner for the long term.