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Quality Policy
Leading technology / Outstanding quality
Best Service / Reasonable price

Leading technology : Keep improving products to cater market trend, professional R&D team makes our products always stand out
Outstanding quality : Strict quality control and self-inspection. To meet quality requirement and make superior products .
Best Service : The customers are the greatest assets to the company. We provide customers complete product information and professional knowledge. We recommend the best suit customers need and also cost-effective products. We provide the most efficient and excellent customer service.
Reasonable price : Constantly improve our product performance that transforms to better yield rate and cost reduction.

Environmental Policy
Reduce waste / Environment Caring
Reduce waste :
∙ production process reengineering
∙ decrease industrial waste and odors
∙ using new technic and material to speed up WIP procedure
∙ standardize production condition
Environment Caring :
stick to eco-friendly chemical and material
fire alarm and extinguisher maintenance to prevent danger
provide a comfortable working environment
develop harmless green products, recycle more, pollute less
regular machine maintenance and correction
ISO-9001 ISO-14001
Environmental Performance Indicators
1. Air pollution abnormality: no illegal report from environmental Protection Agency
2. Chemical Leakage: no chemical leak report
3. Flue detection: Smoke detection every six months meets testing standards
4. Organic solvent detection: detection done every six months meets the organic solvent testing standards